Business Duck Race
Thanks to all the businesses for their fantastic support this and previous years, and a big thank you to Jet2holidays and The Travel Centre, Mytholmroyd for Their sponsorship.

the next race will be on Monday 13th April 2020


Online ticket sales for the Business race are now closed

The Rotary Club of Hebden Bridge will, once again, be organising a Local Business Duck Race, which will be held just before the main event - with the winning red, green or blue ducks giving their business owner the kudos of displaying winners trophies and plaques and the chance to win prizes.

Any organisation or individual can buy a green, red, or blue duck, at a cost of £10 per duck.

Click here for Full details of how to buy online.

2019 Business Duck Race Prizes

Business Duck Race 1st Prize

  • A short break to Tenerife for 2, kindly provided by Palladium Group, The Travel Centre & Benchmark Travel.
  • The prize consists of a 3 night stay at The Hard Rock Hotel (Playa Paraiso, Tenerife), return flights (including cabin and hold baggage) and return coach transfers in Tenerife for 2 adults. 
  • For full Terms & Conditions for the holiday prize please visit :

2nd & 3rd Prizes are meals for 2 to the value of £50 at Il Mulino restaurant in Hebden Bridge (must be taken by 31st December 2019)

Term & Conditions

 Form information and help  on responsible gambling please visit:  or  

   The 2019 teams and their sponsors

2 Tone Comics Donald Red 83
Abacus Dexter Green 25
Andrew Heptonstall Heppy Red 21
Ansell and Sons Bob The Builder Red 62
Anthony J Turner Rosa Blue 90
Anya Rose Clothing Colombo Red 48
Aya Sofia Ezel Red 56
Banyan Tree Massage Daphnes Green 7
Bathroom Boutique Toilet Blue 50
Be Valley Furniture Be Valley Blue 85
Beauty Bank Go Quakers Green 28
Beauty By Grace Beauty By Grace Red 87
Belle Lingerie Helles Belles Red 107
Belle Lingerie Belle Blue 105
Belle Lingerie Belle Hell Green 104
Benchmark Travel Tours Red 100
Birstall Woods Turners Woody Blue 94
Blackburn Joinery Duck Green 108
Blazing Saddles Blazzing Saddles Red 9
Blow Hair Studio Blown Me Blue 52
Blue Japenese Street Food Bridie Blue 4
Blue Sky Bar Luke Blue 56
Blue Tea Pot Leila Duckling Blue 76
Boots Chemists Viagla Falls Blue 46
Bridge Rectifier Laser Cut Blue 122
Brocante Lisa Red 91
Brookes Newsagent Speedy Green 23
Café Solo Solo Blue 9
Calans Moo Green 61
Calder Construction Lucy Duck Green 17
Calder Construction Sally Duck Green 18
Calder Construction Kaz Duck Green 19
Calder Construction Steph Duck Green 20
Calder Construction Phil Duck Green 21
Calder Construction Emily Duck Green 142
Calder Construction Danielle Duck Green 143
Calder Construction Di Duck Green 144
Calder Construction Dave Duck Green 145
Calder Valley Commercial Service Molly Green 15
Calder Weaving Ltd Brexit Rose Blue 81
Calderbrook Garage SutBut Red 14
Calderbrook Garage But Sut Red 15
Calvag Gareth Green 83
Caroline of Theropeutic Kneads Ruba Duck Green 68
Chapter 17 café Chappy Red 6
Charnock Bates Farms and Lands Red 106
Charnock Bates Period & Fine Homes Blue 103
Checkpoint Ltd Daffy Blue 83
Chris Fradgley Ltd Joe Blue 22
Chris Fradgley Ltd Ben Blue 21
Christine Edwards Lingerie Brucie Blue 87
Circle of Friends Evie Green 63
Clare Hair & Beauty Stanley Blue 17
Classic Carpet Co Flying Carpet Green 107
Classic Pine Woody Blue 121
Coffe Cali Submarine Door Green 89
Coffee Station Letisha Green 4
Coffee Station George Green 5
Colden Water Power Colden Water Duck Green 16
Colour Yorkshire 50 Shades of Grey Blue 70
Community Hub Hub Hun Red 7
Conscious Healing Amelie Green 97
Coop Hebden Bridge Daffy Blue 3
Coop Mytholmroyd Fred Red 23
Country Stores Jammie Johnny Green 52
Craggies Marie Red 11
Cresswells Gertude Red 8
Croft Mill Nite Nite Green 126
Crown Fisheries Haddock and chips Blue 51
Curtain Woman Trouble Red 20
Danish Crow Danish Duck Green 85
David Paul Daves Choice Blue 24
David Woodhead Butchers Walter Blue 57
Day Lewis Bill Green 27
Derek Harper Foundries Millie Red 136
Derek Senior Lilly Green 109
DP Squared Ltd Clelus Red 88
Dragon Fly Dragon Fly Red 46
DRINK? Sausage Blue 8
Duffy Fowler Gabbi Toilet duck Red 60
Dusty Miller Scuby Green 76
Dynamite Dynamite Red 68
Ebony & Ivory Tattoo Frank Red 43
Eden Beauty Room Billy Green 49
Element Jewellers Jade Green 44
Elizabeths Hair Salon Qauck Qauck Red 74
Enigma Ink Tattoo Enigma Red 73
EPS Hire Centre Archie Blue 95
Factory Lux Lux Red 24
Fat Face Joe Blue 53
Faulds Barbers Faulds Blue 29
Finn Gledhill Kazza Green 2
Finn Gledhill Stevensons Rocket Red 41
First Choice Chewsy Green 29
Fitton Accountants and Co Herman Blue 96
Fitton Accountants and Co Norman Green 130
Fitton Accountants and Co Duncan Red 98
Fleur and Flora Alerto Blue 44
Fleur de Lys Daffodil Duck Green 53
Friend Hardy Cars Lamborgini Blue 19
Froggy Went Courting Ethel Blue 18
GA Engineering GA Engineering Blue 109
George St Hot Centre Sally Green 78
Georgon's Barbers Todmorden Rena Blue 97
Gina B Glass Olli Green 88
GR Beauty GR Red 25
Grange Dean Dental Practice Fiona Red 19
Greens Life on the Veg Green 56
Guard tech Albert G Blue 132
Guard tech Vicky Green 87
Guard tech William Red 16
Guard tech william the 2nd Red 17
Hail & Their Moll Red 39
HDC Subaru Ruby Red 72
Headquarters Theresa Blue 27
Heavy Crates Retro Phil Niamh Blue 72
Hebble End Coffee Lounge Maya George Red 65
Hebden Bridge Antique Centre Dodge Green 54
Hebden Bridge Dental Care Ertha Blue 89
Hebden Bridge Funeral Services Quackers and Cheese Blue 75
Hebden Bridge Picture House Duck Soup Red 90
Hebden Bridge Post Office Sam Red 1
Hebden Cook & Millshop Ronald Red 50
Hebden Dry Cleaners Benji Blue 10
Hebden Flooring Carpets Ahoy Blue 67
Hebden Laundrette Sudsy Red 86
Hebthrews Clifford Red 57
Heopa Interiors Thora Hird Green 51
Hepworth Browne Hepworth Browne Blue 91
Holiday Cottages Hebden Bridge Happy Blue 131
Homely at Hebden Annie Green 102
Hot Cakes Vintage Redburn Red 67
Hui Man Chinese Crispy Duck Red 59
Humblest of Pleasures Hoppy Blue 5
I Fix Phones Zayn Duck Blue 2
Il Mulino Clara Blue 48
Innovation David Green 1
J Clayton Mortgage Marta Blue 26
J Jagger & Sons Quackers Blue 16
J Wilby Ginge Green 26
J&D Hardware Mary Blue 25
Jacks Barbers Shop Jack Blue 74
James Shephard Alfredo Moreles Blue 68
JCS Electrical Solutions Sparky Blue 106
JKs Chinese Takeaway Audrey Blue 6
Joel Dyter Cabinet Maker Shonky Blue 65
Jules Pottery and China Potty Paula Green 96
Just Books Jemima Puddlebook Green 62
JVL P. King Blue 79
Kate Lycett Artist Dattie Green 6
KLN Scaffolding Belinda Green 100
KLN Scaffolding Kallum Red 96
KLN Scaffolding Lovie Blue 93
La Perla Quack Attack Two Red 99
Ladbrokes Percy Red 58
Lamberts Print & Design Emily Green 99
Lamberts Print & Design Connor Red 94
Little H Café Get The Duck Out
Of The Way
Red 69
Little Valley Brewery Two Green 13
Little Valley Brewery One Green 12
LTD Boutique Donald Red 49
Luna Textiles Ltd Lunatex Green 14
Marcos Café Santa Maria Blue 58
Mark Hurst Optician Rahila Red 42
Marshall Bakers Ltd Marshall Bakers Green 105
Mary Mahon Centre Holly Red 61
Mary Mahon Solicitors Chris Blue 59
Mary Mahon Solicitors Tom Green 67
Maskells Butchers King of Gascony Green 55
Matthew Sheard & Son Ltd Issac 1 Red 95
Matthew Sheard & Son Ltd Issac 2 Blue 92
Matthew Sheard & Son Ltd Colette Green 93
Mel and Katies Cabin Kasey Red 76
Menagarie Pets Blue Blue 63
Microsearch Ltd Duck Poo Red 77
Moderna MOTs Huwy Blue 120
Monster Consulting Ltd Monster Duck Blue 104
Mooch Café Rowan Green 8
More Fun Than Work .Com Sew and Sew Red 75
Moreton Deakin Qauckitecture Blue 88
Moreton Deakin Teal Green 94
Moreton Deakin Moreton Duckin Red 85
Mountain Wild Clothing Everest Green 64
Murts Motor Centre Murty's Tyres Blue 133
Murts Motor Centre Murty's Menace Red 134
Murts Motor Centre Murty's Bubbles Green 133
Myford Myfod Blue 119
Mytholmroyd Builders Merchants Ltd Kenny Giles Blue 84
Mytholmroyd Community Centre Commy Blue 80
Mytholmroyd Fire Station (WYFRS) Nee-Naw Red 135
Mytholmroyd Scout Group Dib Dib Dib Green 134
Mytton Arts Trust Titus Green 80
Nathan Barbers Nathan Blue 64
NC Jewellers Harvey Blue 49
Night Jar Black Sack Quack Red 26
Noir Gift Shop Molly Duck Green 90
Not A Full Shilling Gemma Green 10
Nutri Plants Vegan Green 77
Oasis Wine & Food The Nisa Duck Red 92
Old Cragg Hall Barn Eric Red 101
Old Cragg Hall Barn Ducky McDuckface Blue 101
Old Gate Pub Quackpipe Green 95
Olive Branch Oliver Blue 11
One Stop Pheobe Red 89
Optimum Electric Hungry Red 132
Optimum Electric Fertile Red 131
Optimum Electric Tinder Red 130
Optimum Electric Sour Puss Red 129
Optimum Electric Scarlet Red 128
Optimum Electric Pip Red 127
Optimum Electric The Buyer Red 126
Parklife Café Parklife Green 3
Peace of Mind Peace of Mind Blue 108
Pennine Club Martins Malard Blue 117
Pennine Provisions Badak Red 44
Pennine Signs Bruce Green 30
Pennine Wine and Cheese Piglet Blue 55
Peter David Estate Agents Peter Puddleduck Red 40
Picus Works Ermintrude Green 74
Pipe Creative Tex Red 66
Play Topia Bungle Green 81
Plenty of Fish & Chips Henry Haddock Blue 77
Polka Dot Lane Polka Dot Red 10
Posh Paws Pickle Blue 15
Property Search Group Buddy Blue 23
Quelcus Quelcus Green 50
Reeds Rains Qauck to Qauck Blue 73
Reeds Rains Quack To Quack Blue 107
Rendevous Rendevous Red 55
RGS Precision Lola Red 22
Ribben Circus Hamier Green 9
Rick's Mexican Street Food Burritos Blue 69
Rim Nam Thai Rim Nam Red 133
Riverside Café Pocket Rocket Blue 30
Riverstones Jewellery Hattie Red 45
Robertshaw Greenwood Dignity Duck Red 51
Rohan Speedy Duckzales Green 66
RSPCA (Tina Wilcock) Dogging Good Red 82
Ruby Shoesday Betty Green 11
Russell Dean Russell Red 28
Rybrn and Co Maggie May Green 47
Ryburn Brokers Ryburn Blue 43
Sainsburys Jay Blue 86
Sand In Your Eye Flossy Red 102
Sand In Your Eye Ellie Red 103
Sand In Your Eye Frankie Red 104
Sands Farm Holiday Cottage Stanley Green 125
SBC IT Support Duckosaurous-Rex Blue 110
SEN What Services Dave Green 84
Sethbray Properties Derek Green 106
SGM Hair Studio Donald Blue 28
Shoulder of Mutton Patrick Green 79
Shoulder of Mutton Mutton Chop Red 81
Silly Billys Silly Billy Blue 45
Sissel UK Quackers Red 27
Slow The Flow Slow Flow Red 12
Smudge Nails Smudge Blue 60
Something Sweet Midget Gem Red 2
Spirals William Green 45
Square One Coffee Company Square One Green 98
Squeeze Squeezer Red 47
Star Garage Chester Green 91
Star Garage Frank Red 71
Tall Poppies Poppy Red 4
Tan My Hide Leather Tan My Hide Red 64
TD Jagger Ltd Stealth Blue 82
TF Buildrs Fred The Red Red 93
The Afghan Rug Co Flying Carpet Blue 7
The Albert Betie Green 59
The Barn Barney Red 54
The Book Café Sputnik Red 5
The Egg Factory Eggleburt Humperduck Blue 66
The Fleshers Quackers Red 97
The Fox and Goose Goose Juice Red 63
The Kitchen Coffe House Jack Green 24
The Living Room Stanley Red 78
The Print Bureau Moly PB Blue 61
The Railway Carling Green 113
The Stubbing Wharf Stumbling Dwarf Green 69
The Tonic Tribe The Tonic Green 72
The White Lion Quacking steak and ale Green 58
The Willow Garden Garden Dorothy Green 48
The Yorkshire Soap Co Yorkshire Lad Blue 62
Thomson Reuters Sandra Blue 31
Tibetan Kitchen George Green 101
Totally Awesome Totally Quakers Red 3
Travel Centre Mytholmroyd
& Sowerby Bridge
Where Do You
Want To Go?
Blue 100
TSL Fluid Power Lucky Green 31
Valley Flooring Ltd Donald Green 82
Valley Funeral Service Dignity Duck Green 73
Valley Organic Coriander Green 43
Valli Opticians Cornelious Green 65
Vama Kitchens Jack High Blue 13
Varma Kitchens Jack High Blue 14
VBA Blenkers Blue 118
VBA Mijulie Green 86
VBA Jobear Red 79
Venus Nails An Red 84
Village Cleaners Village Quackers Blue 32
Vocation & Co Clarence Red 53
Walker Singleton Asset Management Red 105
Walker Singleton Commercial Blue 102
Walker Singleton Property Management Green 103
Watergate Tea Rooms Daffodil Blue 54
Waterside Gym Fitty Red 108
Waterside Gym Bianca Red 70
Well Bowled Jack High Blue 12
Westlander Last Min Blue 134
West Mount Vets Derek Blue 78
West Riding Classic Cars Jess Red 18
Westmoor Consultancy Ltd Project Duck Blue 71
White Lee First Aid Duck Fibrilator Green 128
White Lee First Aid Annie Bag Blue 98
White Swan Henry Blue 1
Wood and Wire Jim Green 46
Word Of Mouth Arts and Crafts Norma Green 92
Workshop Jewellery Geroge Blue 47
Zeitgeist Hair Zeitgeist Green 75
Zinnia Lily Red 52


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