Free Blood Pressure Tests in Hebden Bridge

Rotary Club of Hebden bridge working with


The next annual Know Your Blood Pressure Campaign

will be on Saturday 13th April, on Bridge Gate, in Hebden Bridge town centre.

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Did you know that 40 per cent of strokes could be avoided if
high blood pressure was controlled?

The Stroke Association and Rotary International Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI) continue to work together to test thousands of people’s blood pressure for the annual Know Your Blood Pressure Campaign

Each year the Rotary Club of Hebden Bridge organise a 'Know Your Blood Pressure Day' where trained medical staff from the Hebden Bridge Group Practice offer free blood pressure tests.
There are 152,000 strokes in the UK every year, that works out at one every five minutes. 16 million people in the UK have high blood pressure yet many of them don’t know it.  If left untreated, high blood pressure can increase your risk of having a stroke.

Our Know Your Blood Pressure campaign helps people to understand the link between high blood pressure and stroke, other risk factors and what they can do to reduce their risk of having a stroke.

What is high blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the force that blood puts on the walls of your arteries when it is pumped around your body by your heart. It is measured with two readings – when the heart beats (systolic pressure) and when it relaxes (diastolic pressure).

Do you know your blood pressure?

One in seven people in the UK are diagnosed as having high blood pressure. For every 10 people diagnosed with high blood pressure, seven remain undiagnosed and untreated. High blood pressure is the biggest risk factor for stroke that we can control, yet it has no symptoms and can affect people of all ages and lifestyles.

Measuring blood pressure is quick, simple and painless. 

The Rotary Club would like to thank the medical staff who volunteered to administer the tests, without their help it would be impossible to run the event.

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